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Cativa Iluminação

Cativa Iluminação: light and people working together

Founded in 2013 by Gustavo Gatti Casagrande, Cativa Iluminação is a group of coworkers passionate about lighting that is truly dedicated to design innovative creations. Our company has a lot to offer for those who seek an elegant approach in lighting solutions. We aim to develop projects that involve designing, customization, and manufacturing of technical solutions for light fixtures and LED products.

\"Soon after creating Cativa Iluminação, we recognized in the lighting market a significant deficit of a more specific and accessible service in which the customer could learn about the production process and the possibilities that exist in the planning of a better answer for each demand,\" says Gustavo. Today, our company employs 20 workers and its annual income surpasses 10 million reais.

Providers, customers, and other partners are always invited to visit our facilities, where they will always be warmly welcomed by our team.

The brand started to stand out as a result of its impeccable quality, innovative posture, and strong values practiced in the market along with its optimal production that ensures excellent delivery times. \"We have as a principle elaborating tools that can assist our clients in the process of choosing the best way to invest their money, developing a clever design and manufacturing of the products. Here we assume that we are dealing not with companies, but with humans that have real aspirations,\" explains Gustavo. From the first contact to the final impact of the light in the scene, Cativa Iluminação has as its main goal to tell stories that inspire new directions.