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Cristiana Bertolucci Estúdio

Cris Bertolucci, designer of decorative lamps in front of the boutique that bears his name, in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, celebrates ten years in 2019.

Graduated from Mackenzie\'s first Industrial Design class in São Paulo, she collects pioneering spirit: she was one of the first in the “luminaire designer” category in Brazil, with specialization at the Università Internazionale dell\'Arte di Firenze. He was at the forefront of design for 25 years at the lighting company founded by his father before opening her own studio.

Cris appropriately uses her knowledge of materials and production methods in her own creations that, far beyond trends or patterns, are based on her view of the world. “I\'m passionate about the diversity I find between major cities like New York and Tokyo, but I feel connected to myself when I\'m in close contact with nature, where I can expand and explore my ideas. This dichotomy is exciting! ”

Always looking for new materials to work with, she loves those that are more expressive like blown glass, cast bronze, brass, copper, colored acrylics etc ...

Averse to styles, the professional who reaches the mark of 35 years of career, has diversity in her creative field as a driving force. Cris considers herself a true library of ideas, where she inspires inspirations that, added to her experiences in the area, make her a reference in design and innovation.

“My design provides new experiences, not just functions, but awakens new languages. This is my purpose, ” she says.