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La Lampe


Dreams, scenarios, sensations ... This is a bit of what La Lampe, a company specialized in lighting, believes. In the market since 1986, the brand knows that details like these are essential for the composition of an environment and that a simple touch of light can influence the entire decoration of the space.

At La Lampe, design and architecture have always been together and to reinforce the innovative concept of this integration are its products and the architectural project, developed by designer Marcelo Rosenbaum.

In the recent years, the brand has been committed to support national designers; and genuine Brazilian creations and also in investing in actions that value local cultures and crafts. Without forgetting, of course, to preserve the great names of the past and to prospect the most modern lighting companies in the world. The brand relies on designers André Bastos and Guilherme Ribeiro, from the Nada Se Leva studio, to curate the brand with a poetic and humorous look, contributing to keeping the company always fresh and in line with the contemporary man.

In the vision of the brand director, Alessandra Friedmann, La Lampe shows that \"with light it is possible to create atmospheres, to divide spaces, to provide warmth or seriousness to the environment. Through projects created specifically for each client and products carefully selected by our curators, we have been able to show that light is essential in our lives, \"she explains.

In addition exclusive products from national and international designers, the brand also has its own creative sector, with designers who live immersed in the universe of lighting and translate to their drawings the perfect balance between exclusivity, good humor, elegance and quality.