Brazil has a diversified economy, strong institutions and legal security for domestic and foreign investors. These attributes, combined with innovative social policies which are benchmark particularly to developing countries, led Brazil to be one of the largest economies in 21st Century and to play a strategic role in the global economy.
With a strong consumer market, Brazil stands out for developing innovative technologies in various industries and services, such as in oil exploration, biotechnology, aviation, telecommunications, banking automation, agribusiness and biofuels, among other industry. Rich in natural resources, Brazil is a major producer of food and a wide industrial and technological, modern and diversified and stands increasingly also on the world stage in segments of the creative economy.
Leader in world oil production in deep waters and ultra-deep water, the country also ranks as the world's largest producer of biofuels. The diversified Brazilian energy matrix is the cleanest among all countries. Half of the energy consumed in Brazil comes from renewable sources. Currently, over 90% of licensed vehicles in Brazil are equipped with flex-fuel engines.
The creativity and cultural diversity are Brazilian brands present in the industry, technology and services produced in the country. Are characteristics that contribute to the Brazilian economy being ever more innovative, competitive and sustainable.