Lux Brazil is an export promotion program that aims to insert the Brazilian lighting industry in international scenario. For viability, an agreement for technical and financial cooperation between Apex-Brazil (Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments) and Abilux (Brazilian Association of Lighting Industry) was signed.
In addition to the promotional activities and aid for enterprises in formation, adjustment and products qualification, and business management with a focus on the external market, Project Lux Brazil provides to associates benefits that include:
  • Financial support and business intelligence in action and planned activities abroad such as: trade shows, business roundtable and market research;
  • Actions planned and directed, jointly agreed by the group;
  • Reduction and cost-sharing in program actions ;
  • Program management by specialist;
  • Access to information, research and market studies;
  • Access to data from potential importers and markets;
  • Access to statistical data of sector
  • Strategic Planning.
On the other hand with funds invested, Apex-Brazil follows the development of important indicators, such as: increase in the total export volume, number of new markets served, improvement of Brazilian export share of the markets served, entry of new companies with export potential in Lux Brazil program, and increase generation of new jobs in Brazil, launching new products and lighting services developed and manufactured in the country, increasing the number of companies with international certification, design and add value to products
From study carried out by Unit Commercial and Competitive Intelligence from Apex-Brazil with the contribution of sector, identified potential markets for which are directed promotional actions for insertion of luminaries and lighting equipment from Brazil. Currently, the target markets for Brazil Lux are:
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Germany
  • Chile
  • The United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey
In all these countries the business contacts are established through the participation of Brazilian companies in local events such as trade shows, business roundtables through Projects of Buyers and Sellers coordinated by Lux Brazil which have as target audience the following sectors:
Engineering: electrical designers, construction and installation companies; 
Architecture: interior designers, decorators and architects; 
Business: importers, wholesalers, distributors of electrical materials, chandelier manufacturer, retailers, wholesalers and home centers and 
Public: municipalities, lighting agencies and public roads.
The Management Committee of PS Lux Brazil is responsible for determining standards and project objectives and to follow performance and results obtained in each activity. It is the Management Committee that defines strategies and actions that will be implemented by the program. Also it is up to members disseminate among businessmen the project actions, as well as discuss and find feasible solutions and guidelines to be followed. Participation in the Committee is open to all members interested to get involved more deeply with the Project.
Lux Brazil is open to companies that manufacture products lighting-oriented in country. To join the program, the industries interested should contact the Project via email: or fill the Term of Acceptance