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Geo Luz & Cerâmica

Geo Luz & Cerâmica

Has been crafting beautiful pieces with ceramic and always innovating in their product. The brand has a strong and prominent presence in the decorative indoor and outdoor market with its differentiated products. Geo Luz & Cerâmica brings together quality, design and beauty, and it has quickly become one of the most recognized companies in the lighting segment in Brazil.

All pieces were designed and signed by the prize winner Brazilian designer Maurício D’Avila.

The brand has invested in its portfolio with a revolutionary approach, unique and perfect design with its all 100% handmade products.

The company was started to supply professionals who needed specific designs in their projects. Geo Luz & Ceramica’s pieces mirror the eyes of consumers with its design and beauty.

The brand is dedicated to the development of a differentiated work in ceramic and lighting, so its line of products has lighting solutions for all environments of a home.

Geo’s products are considered noble handmade pieces that are used in interior decoration with their valued and unique features such as texture, finish, accuracy and ecological philosophy.

Perfection in the finish, quality of materials and bold design, are the elements that made the Geo Luz & Cerâmica conquer its high place the world of high-design interior decoration.