Lux Brasil represents the Brazilian companies of the lighting sector. The light inspires us to represent the segment of Brazilian lighting to the world. Designing a group of companies, who come together to take their products beyond their local borders.


Managed by Abilux, Lux Brasil is a sectorial project of export promotion that aims to insert the Brazilian lighting industry in the international scenario. It is a dynamic program that is renewed every two years and has the technical and financial support of Apex-Brasil (The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).

Project strategies are defined in conjunction with stakeholders, this work includes planning, definition of target markets, support formats, schedule of actions and project events.

The monitoring of the results is extremely relevant to the operation of the project, enabling frequent evaluation of established goals and validation of planned events, as well as the application of improvements and adjustments in actions.

The sectorial project developed a matrix of segmentation by export maturity that aims to classify the participating companies and define benefits and criteria for access to the actions and events of the project, according to the maturity and competencies to act in the international market.

Some actions developed by Lux Brasil:


Training:  assistance and guidance for companies in the training, adequacy and qualification of their products and business management with a focus on the external market;

Business Intelligence: research, reports and studies with qualified information on target markets and potential importing customers and partners in the countries;

Market Access and Trade Promotion: technical and financial support for the company to participate in business promotion actions in Brazil and abroad such as: fairs, business rounds, road shows, commercial missions among other planned actions;

Actions aimed at improving the competitiveness of the sector;

Other customized actions aimed at companies with greater export maturity;

Bimonthly meetings;


Mercados objetivo:


Based on a study carried out by Apex-Brasil's Commercial and Competitive Intelligence Unit with the contribution of the sector, potential markets are identified for which the commercial promotion actions for the insertion of Brazilian luminaires and lighting equipment will be directed. Currently, Lux Brasil's target markets are:

United Arab Emiratesidos
Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Estados Unidos   



Reorienting actions, in the direction that best meets the needs of entrepreneurs and the market;

Evaluate project results vs. performance indicators;

Strategically thinking about the future of the sector in terms of increasing the competitiveness of Brazilian products and services in the international market;

Attending the exclusive meetings of the Committee that occur bi-monthly

Participar de las reuniones exclusivas del Comité que se llevan a cabo bimestralmente.


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