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Madelustre Industrial Ltd. is located in Garibaldi, state of Rio Grande do Sul, and it has been acting in the market of decorative lights for 34 years now. It stands out as one of the largest Brazilian companies in this segment and it is also a benchmark for quality and design in Brazilian lighting industry. The pieces are signed by Madelustre’s international assessor, the Italian designer Giorgio Padovan.

In 2008, Madelustre surprised the market by becoming the only Brazilian decorative light company with its own glasshouse, which allowed the expansion of lines and high flexibility for customization of exclusive products for customers. The whole technology needed to implement the glasshouse, was imported from Italy and the techniques used to produce the glass art are from Murano, the traditional island known worldwide for the quality of their glasses.

Our portfolio is composed by decorative light fixtures lines, including chandeliers, lamps, sconces, spots, floor lamps, pendant, lamp holders and decorative accessories. Madelustre products can be found in lighting and decoration stores of all Brazilian states. Also, since 1995 we have been exported to countries of South America, South Africa and North America. All of our products are developed to fulfill different groups of people.